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My name is Adanech Bahiru. And I was born in January 2001 in a rural area called Gojam, in Ethiopia. I came to Addis Ababa with my older sister when I was 8, after my parents passed away. My sister is married and she has got a child. Her family income is very low and not enough to feed all the family. Berhan Yehun Ethiopia is now covering the expenses for my education, meal, cloth and other things that I need for my daily life.  I am now grade 7 student at Biruh Tesfa Primary School. I am studding hard to get high score. I have a dream to establish a charity organization that work to improve the life of children when I grow up and graduate from College. To my understanding, Berhan Yehun raises fund from donors like you. Your donation is vital to change my life and fulfill my dream.

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In the USA

Chase Bank acc. Routing Number 102001017
Acc.No 635143397 SWIFT Code:-chasUS33

In Ethiopia

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,
Mekanissa Branch, SWIFT Code: CBETETAA
Account Number: 222C01000036