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I am Mulu Necho. I was born May 21, 2001 in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. When my father was alive, we used to have a good life; but after my father passed away, our livelihood is changed. My mother fell sick seriously and couldn`t afford to pay rent for house we used to live in and there was no one who can share the burden and help her.  We moved out from where we used to live in and came here to Kore, to get a house with little amount of rent. 

Berhan Yehun Ethiopia started to cover expenses for my education, meal, cloth and others that we need for our daily life since 2012. Now, I am grade 8 student at Biruh Tesfa Primary School. In the future, when I complete my education, I want to be Civil Engineer.  I have a dream to make a difference on the construction sector. I am studding hard to get high score. I wish, to be a reason to make my family smile and improve the life by working hard and archive a best resolute. Berhan Yehune is helping us a lot because of your donation in terms of money, material, and professional support that includes your time. I am sure, our dream will fulfill by your support. Thank you. 


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In the USA

Chase Bank acc. Routing Number 102001017
Acc.No 635143397 SWIFT Code:-chasUS33

In Ethiopia

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,
Mekanissa Branch, SWIFT Code: CBETETAA
Account Number: 222C01000036