Who we are

Berhan Yehun Ethiopia is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by Abigail Asheber Belete and her friends in the year 2007 with a purpose of bringing children out of poverty. The name Berhan Yehun means is “Let there be light”. The organization registered and have got license at July 29, 2010 from Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Charity and Society Agency. Since its foundation, Berhan Yehun has been working with about 60 children who live with their parents/guardians.


The project is located in Qore, where the poorest of the poor live. Qore is located in an area where most inhabitants have active leprosy or are being treated by ALERT Hospital, the only hospital in Ethiopia, which is dedicated to treating leprosy. Most parents are single mothers with leprosy, HIV/AIDS and other diseases. They beg or sell garbage during the day to provide for their children. Children who come from these families are left to take care of themselves and their siblings. Furthermore, they are responsible for assisting their parents going to and from the streets.

Why Berhan Yehun working

Berhan Yehun is developed to address this overwhelming cycle of sickness and poverty transmitted from parent to child through providing holistic service to the whole person. It is driven by the unbending belief that the cycle of leprosy and poverty is not inevitable and that education can change the lives of these children.

What we do

Our primary social services include feeding, mentoring/counseling, educational services that include tutorial, school fee, school supplies and school uniform; sanitation services like shower and hygienic supplies, and health care.

Vision statement

Our vision is to see a community where no child is left behind for lack of nutrition, health care, and good education.

Mission statement

Our mission is to bring light to communities and break the cycle of poverty by empowering children in Qore community. We provide the children with nutritious food, strong after-school and summer tutorial services, counseling, and health care.


Services, social justice, dignity, worth of a person, importance of human relation, integrity, and competence are core values that our agency stands for.

Account Information

In the USA

Chase Bank acc. Routing Number 102001017
Acc.No 635143397 SWIFT Code:-chasUS33

In Ethiopia

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,
Mekanissa Branch, SWIFT Code: CBETETAA
Account Number: 222C01000036