Where we work

Berhan Yehun is working in a neighborhood called Kore (Qore), in the west part of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, in an area where most inhabitants have active leprosy or are being treated by ALERT hospital- the only hospital in Ethiopia, which is dedicated to treat leprosy. This neighborhood was founded in the 1970’s (1960’s E.C) to shelter leprosy patients and today hundreds of families live in this neighborhood, also due to its cheap housing rates.

Most parents are single mothers with leprosy, HIV/AIDS and other diseases who beg or sell garbage during the day to provide for their children. There are five main means of earning a living by which families and individuals support themselves in the neighborhood. These are:

1. Daily casual labor where one is paid daily wages depending on the type of work one finds each day.

2. Selling produce (vegetables, fruits etc) discarded by vendors that sell vegitables from the biggest market in addis (merkato atekelte tera) to families in this neighborhood

3. Collecting paper bags, plastic bags, plastic bottles etc from the nearby landfill and selling them in the neighborhood to be used as fuel for fire when cooking.

4. Prostitution

5. Begging in the city

Children who come from these families are left to take care of themselves and their siblings. Further more, they are responsible for assisting their parents’ going to and from the streets.

Account Information

In the USA

Chase Bank acc. Routing Number 102001017
Acc.No 635143397 SWIFT Code:-chasUS33

In Ethiopia

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,
Mekanissa Branch, SWIFT Code: CBETETAA
Account Number: 222C01000036