Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide two meals a day to 60 children six days per week
  • Pay annual school fee for each child
  • Provide two school uniforms yearly for each child
  • Provide school supplies, textbooks, and other educational materials for each child
  • Equip the resource center with computers in 1:4 computer-child ratio
  • Provide tutorial service for an hour per day, five days a week, at least in 1:10 tutor-child ratio
  • Facilitate counseling and mentoring service as needed
  • Provide shower in the facility, and provide hygienic supplies such as shampoo, soap, and lotion
  • Provide safe and clean space for each child to keep their extra clothing by building a locker for each child
  • Provide periodic health check-up and health care as needed
  • Facilitate two field trips per year

Account Information

In the USA

Chase Bank acc. Routing Number 102001017
Acc.No 635143397 SWIFT Code:-chasUS33

In Ethiopia

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,
Mekanissa Branch, SWIFT Code: CBETETAA
Account Number: 222C01000036